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About Us

About Us
Leaf Fower's journey, which started in the colorful world of flowers, has turned into a huge collection, blended with irresistible details, eye-catching compositions and original designs. This rich collection, which comes to life with the most beautiful flowers that have inspired our name, is ready to surround you and your loved ones with its happy energy.

Who are we?
Leaf Flower, which has achieved professional success in various celebration organizations and the floristry sector for years, later decided to continue its design story by giving life to its own brand. Our rich product range, crowned with flowers, which is the chief architect of important moments, magnificent organizations or celebration ceremonies that are very meaningful to us, is determined to witness your most precious moments.

In our collection, where cut flowers play a large role, you can find flamboyant bouquets of live flowers, colorful arrangements and ideal gifts adorned with flowers. It is also possible to examine many options online that will pamper yourself and your loved ones in this flower world that allows you to create spacious atmospheres.

Why Leaf Flower?
The company, which always focuses on original designs, offers 1st quality solutions for imported and local flowers. You can find many alternatives under the same roof that will make flower lovers happy with our models that range from different and eye-catching designs. Elegant yet stylish bouquets of live flowers for those who say "just celebrate"; magnificent arrangement models for those who say "no fun"; Gift alternatives for those who say "to have a big smile on the faces of my loved ones" and a variety of chocolate options for those who want to offer palpable love await you at affordable prices in our rich product range.

Our Mission and Purpose
Flowers that strengthen the bonds between hearts appear in the world of Leaf Flower with the most attractive forms you can come across. Our aim is to accompany your happiest moments and to turn the atmosphere into a feast by equipping the celebration venues colorfully... Moreover, we are with you with our fast delivery and economical price policies. As Leaf Flower, we aim to maintain our stability as a new generation flower shop that gives direction to the floristry world and offers a qualified, safe and fast service with its unique designs.

Thank you for accompanying us on this colorful journey we embarked on.
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